Sprouts:The Great Harlem Debate 
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Sprouts  The Great Harlem Debate  Will the Obama presidency be good for African Americans? 
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Sprouts  Weekly Program  For non-profit use only. 
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On December 14, 2008 over 1,200 people gathered in Harlem, New York City, to take stock on the eve of the presidential inauguration and ask the the question: will the Obama presidency be good for African Americans?  Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Marimba Ani, Sister Viola Plummer, Dr. James Turner, Dr. Adelaide Sanford 
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This week on Sprouts, we bring you an excerpt of this lengthy debate between prominent African American academics and speakers on how the Obama administration will affect issues facing African Americans and what this presidency means in relation to traditions of African American activism.

Speakers include:

Dr. Leonard Jeffries, professor of Black Studies at the City University of New York in Harlem.

Dr. Marimba Ani, former professor at Hunter college, City University of New York.

Sister Viola Plummer, senior member of the December Twelfth Movement.

Dr. James Turner, professor and founder of the African Studies Research Center of African Studies at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Dr. Adelaide Sanford, career educator and former Vice Chancellor of the New York State board of regents.

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Christine Black, independent producer for Pacifica Radio, NYC

Sound recorded and edited by Fred Nguyen, WBAI-Pacifica, NYC

Editorial assistance for text from Yusuf Nuruddin, NYC
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